About Us

Who We Are

Furidion Games is a small team of game designers who love creating niche game designs in our spare time. This means that things may happen quickly or slowly, depending on the whims of real life

We’ve been somewhat away from our desks for a while (in fact some cobwebs have appeared around here) but now we’re back in action.

Our Games

We have a slowly growing range of games and are currently updating and re-imagining our product library. Unbridled Fury is available now, and there may be a few new things to look forward to soon… (Just sayin’)

All of our titles are available exclusively viaWargame Vault, with some supplemental files on this site that you can grab for free.

Keep Updated!

If you want to keep in the know about our games and the latest releases, you can either follow us on Twitter (@furidiongames) or register on our forum and be more directly involved with the Furidion Games community.

We here at Furidion Games both look forward to and appreciate any feedback sent our way and always reply quickly.