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Production Update: Unbridled Fury 2015 Edition

Our Goals

As many of you out there know, Unbridled Fury is due for a new release soon. This will not be a radical change from the previous edition (in fact it won’t change much at all), nor will it contain any new content (except that we’re adding an additional scenario that was previously available separately). So what’s the go?

Our goal with this release is to make Unbridled Fury free again, with the option of a paid print version for those who want one.

This means it needs a complete rebuild so that those without the ability to or desire to order a printed book can print it for themselves. We also want everyone to find the pages that they want quickly without having to wade through the 140 something pages of the old version. Not everyone will want to buy our books (What? C’mon guys…) so we need to create something that suits all gamers.

So the free version will again have both ‘printer friendly’ black-and-white and colour versions. You, as the downloader, can grab either (or both) to suit your needs and wants as a rulebook consumer.

And of course if you want to have it printed and bound before you get it and have it straight to your games-room bookcase we’ll arrange to have a version of that sort available too. Unfortunately we can’t do that for free, and it will remain one way that you can support us financially and convince us to write more stuff.

Please remember, as always, we are doing this as a hobby, and as such, the dreaded ‘real-life monster’ gets priority quite often. So delays can and will happen.

Which leads us to…

Where’s The Rulebook Up To Then?

Or, “when can I grab it for free”… We know what you’re thinking… We don’t blame you… 😉

I’ve had to make some changes to the publishing workflow that we are using for our books. Previously I’ve had full access to the Adobe suite of products for publishing. However, as this little project chugs along on very little inflow of cash, this particular path is getting expensive. And now that we are planning to make the rulebook free… Whoa.

So we are changing to an open source workflow, using freely available design tools like Scribus, GIMP and Inkscape, which do a marvelous job. And much better than anticipated. This means that all of the source files have to be rebuilt, retypesetted and reimagined (at least a bit). All of this is quite time consuming.

I can report though that progress is indeed being made.

What About Some of Your Other Projects, FG?

We have some surprises in development, keep checking back and we might let a few secrets slip. Or just announce things outright. One of the two.

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